NFT Peeps Yves Santa Laurent

Suits you, Santa!
Suits you, Santa!

Santa’s Grand Giveaway

Santa is seriously shakin’ things up. “Red is dead,” he said. “NFT Peeps, I need you to make me a fashion icon.”

Armed with a walk-in wardrobe’s worth of powerful prompts, we tasked Dalle 2 to give the big fella a funky, futuristic makeover.

Tom Ford wept joyful tears when we showed him the designs.

We’ve curated the best of the Santa collection (16 red-hot runway pieces) into a luxury fashion GiFT.

Hot as, cool as!

One stellar GiFT, fifty fab editions

We ‘re selling one edition for 1000 Tezos. All proceeds from this sale will go to charity.

The other 49 we’re giving away. Before you can say “Looks like reindeer”, you can be the proud owner of this highly coveted digital desirable.

But this is a GiFT that keeps on giving.

One lucky owner will also win a grand’s worth of NFT Peeps time. Derek and Norts - multi-award-winning creative technologists - at your service.

We’ll choose the winner at a live draw on YouTube. This will take place at 2pm (GMT) on Thursday 22 December.

By securing a Santa GiFT, you’re in the draw. Simple as.

Elves - big in 2023!
Elves - big in 2023!

How to get your Santa GiFT

🎁 Own a Tezos wallet such as Kukai, Temple or Naan.

🎁 Pop your details in the form below and send it to us by noon on Wed 21 December. All we need is your name, email and Tezos wallet address.

The first 49 festive fashion fans in our inbox will each receive a Santa GiFT in their Tezos wallet by midnight on Wed 21 December.

The following day, one lucky GiFT owner will land £1,000 in highly prized NFT Peeps time. It could be you.

Time to wrap things up. Seize your luxury Santa fashion GiFT TODAY. It’ll soon be Christmas.